Enhancement of role of universities in transfer of innovations into enterprise
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  • Innovative cooperation between science, education and production as the basis of modernization

    Posted on September 10th, 2013 Abdumalik Oripov No comments

    On September 6, 2013Ferghana state University hosted an International Scientific-Practical Seminar titled “Innovative cooperation between science, education and production as the basis of modernization”

    The peculiarity of the scientific -practical seminar was that participants from the European Union and Azerbaijan got introduced to final results of UnIvEnt project and were directly involved in pre-seminar events on September 4-5, and shared their thoughts, visions and ideas during the seminar on September 6.

    On September 4th seminar participants with invitation of the leading specialist of Ferghana Department of Scientific and Production Center of Agriculture – Mr. Adilbek Salaydinova were acquainted with the activities of the Fergana branch of the National Institute of Horticulture , Viticulture and Wine. In particular, they observed the activities of the School of Gardeners, where training programs and handout materials were presented to the visitors. AS well, the visitors were invited to see the results of the intensive gardening projects with innovations applied in horticulture of Uzbekistan.

    On September 5 participants visited the main office of the Youth Initiative Center of Ferghana region – “Kelajak Ovozi”, which also is a partner of the project. The visit was highlighted with the presentation of young members about the goals, aims and achievements of the center and the results of joint work within Tempus project. Interesting discussions took place during this meeting between the foreign visitors and hosting members of the Center.

    During the second half of September 5th the seminar participants were invited to the National Handicrafts Center in Madrasa “Said Ahmad Hoji” in Margilan by Fergana Regional Chamber of Industry and Commerce and Fergana regional branch of the Association of Entrepreneur-women “Tadbirkor Ayol”.

    By the end of afternoon participants were invited to visit farmer enterprises and small farming households in Altiarik district of Ferghana province to see the process of agricultural production with application of innovative technologies. Special attention was given to the technology in production and storage of grapes in viticulture.

    On September 6, the International Scientific-Practical Seminar was attended by 94 people with participation of the partners from:


    • Professor , Dr.Klaus Haenssgen, UnIvEnt project grantholder, University of Applied Sciences , HTWK Leipzig
    • Marianna Ivanova – Financial Project Manager, University of Applied Sciences, HTWK Leipzig


    • Dr. Paulo Baptista , Paulo & Beatriz – Head of Consultores Associados (P & B Associados),
    • Dr. Maria-Beatriz Marquez , P & B – Manager Paulo & Beatriz – Consultores Associados (P & B Associados),


    • Prof . Saleh Meherramov, Rector of Nakhchivan State University
    • Assoc. Prof. Anar Kazimov – Vice-Rector of Nakhchivan State University on International Affairs,
    • Vugar Babayev director of Ganja Agribusiness Association
    • Nizami Ibrahimli – Researcher of Ganja Agribusiness Association
    • Elmaddin Namazov and Vugar Mohumaev – post-graduate students of the Azerbaijan State Agrarian University

    as well as

    • Aziza Abdurahmanova – coordinator of the National Tempus Office in Uzbekistan
    • Professors and teachers , students and undergraduates of Fergana State University and Fergana Polytechnic Institute, Ferghana branch of the Tashkent University of Information Technologies , Namangan State University,representatives of non-academic partners of the project in Ferghana province as Ferghana Chamber of Industry and Commerce of the Republic of Uzbekistan, “Farg’ona Azot” Stock company, “Farg’ona Yog’-Moy” Stock company, Association of Entrepreneur-women “Tadbirkor Ayol”, of Ferghana Department of Scientific and Production Center of Agriculture, Youth Initiative Center of Ferghana region – “Kelajak Ovozi” have participated.

    The seminar was opened by Vice Rector of Scientific Affairs of Ferghana State University Prof. Salimjon Otajonov. He congratulated the participants at the start of the seminar and gave the floor to the rector of FSU Prof. Madaminbek Ahmedov.

    Prof. Madaminbek Ahmadov thanked everyone for attending and gave a speech on “Meaning of international projects in strengthening of cooperation between science and industry”. In his speech he highlighted the processes aimed at strengthening the national innovation system of the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as the role of international projects, including the project UnIvEnt in these processes.

    Coordinator of the National Tempus Office in Uzbekistan Mrs. Aziza Abdurahmanova made a presentation on “Meaning of Tempus program in the modernization of higher education”. In her report, she spoke about the changes that take place in such a large-scale program of the European Union as Erasmus Mundus, on directions of further development of this program. Also, information was provided about the effective Tempus projects in Uzbekistan and indicated that UnIvEnt project is just one of these successful projects.

    The speech of Prof. Dr.Klaus Haenssgen , was entitled ” Tempus project UnIvEnt and its implementation.” In his presentation, Professor opined on the results achieved in the course of joint activity .

    Professor Saleh Meherramov , Rector of Nakhchivan State University went on a seminar on the topic “Nakhchivan State University : Development and Future”. He highlighted the processes of creation and transfer of innovation at Nakhchivan State University and praised the role of international projects and, in particular , the achievement of UnIvEnt project in the overall progress of the university.

    Project partner from Portugal , CEO of P&B Associados Dr. Paulo Baptista presented about the activities of the association in the field of innovation management and proved the effectiveness of implementation of this experience in Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan .

    Vice-Rector of Nakhchivan State University , Assoc. Prof. Anar Kazim gave a speech on “Role of Nakhchivan State University in transfer of innovation”. The report contained information on the progress and results achieved.

    Head of Ganja Agribusiness Association Mr. Vugar Babaev spoke on “The use of information and communication technologies in agriculture of Azerbaijan “. In his speech he focused on the importance of development of this innovative trend.

    Professor of Fergana Polytechnic Institute Dr. Sirojiddin Ergashev presented on” Innovative research in development of alternative energy sources in Fergana Polytechnic Institute”. He also highlighted the activities and achievements of Institute in international projects. Also Professor analyzed the current capacity of higher education institutions in increasing the profits through transfer of innovations.

    Project coordinator Prof. Alisher Yunusov made a presentation titled “Activization of corporate relations between science, education and production in Uzbekistan “, which proved the practical value of the research activities carried out in universities. The report highlighted the issues of strengthening of corporate bonds.

    At 14:00 official meeting of the rector of Ferghana State University Prof. Madaminbek Ahmedov and with the Rector of Nakhchivan State University Prof. Saleh Meherramov and Vice-rector Assoc. Prof. Anar Kazimov took place at FSU. During the meeting deepen and expand cooperation plans were expressed between universities.

    At 14:30 Rector of FSU Prof. Madaminbek Ahmedov conducted a meeting with the project grantholder -Dr. Klaus Haenssgen to discuss the future activities of Transfer of innovation and transfer of assets.

    The second part of seminar was continued at panel sessions where presentations and discussions of of more than 40 speakers were conducted.

    As conclusions of the seminar the organizational committee highlighted the following:

    - In higher education system of the Republic of Uzbekistan multilateral mutually beneficial relations in the field of modernization and improvement of the system of higher education with various international organizations are established, including EU programs as TEMPUS. These links facilitate organization of national education system to the world requirements and improve competitiveness of trained personnel.

    Each year, Tempus program funds a number of projects on modernization of higher education in the countries of Central Asia and Uzbekistan as well. Some of these projects are devoted to integration of education and science, introduction of scientific discoveries that are created in universities into production.

    UnIvEnt project – ” Enhancement of role of universities in transfer of innovations into enterprise “, is being realized starting from 2010 till the present moment in collaboration with the universities of European Union in countries as Germany, Spain, Portugal, on one hand , and the universities of Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan, on the other hand , is a result of such international projects mentioned above.

    The aim of this project is to strengthen the role of universities in the transfer of innovation into production and business, opening of Centers for Transfer of Innovations at partner country universities, which can raise interconnection components “science – education – production” to a new level .

    UnIvEnt contributes to fostering relations between the components of a triangle “science – education – production” in Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan .

    The experience gained from the project activity contributes to creation of innovation in higher education and improvemrnt of effectiveness of their transfer into production.

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