Enhancement of role of universities in transfer of innovations into enterprise
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  • International scientific-practical conference

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    A meeting of UnIvEnt partners from Europe and Azerbaijan with M.Ahmedov, the rector of FSU

    On the 10th of May, 2012 a meeting of Univent partners from Europe and Azerbaijan with the rector of FSU, professor M.Ahmedov, took place. Guests of the meeting expressed their gratitude to the rector for the warm acceptation.

    The members of the meeting shared their impressions concerning previous meetings held in Leipzig, Alicante and Nahichevan and highlighted the high effective level of them.

    Besides, the guests expressed their confidence in conduction of the next seminar on the same high level.

    May 10, 2012 Worldwide International scientific-practical conference


    The aim of the conference

    Development of recommendations and suggestions for an exact aim-determined organization of the process of innovations’ creation and their transfer into production and business.

    Tasks of the conference

    Studying the needs of production and businessmen in innovations and development of proposals and recommendations in that sphere

    Development of recommendations and proposals in the creation of an effective model of the process of innovation transfer.

    Derivation to the next level of development of “triangle” “Science – Education – Production” by organizing of work of Innovation Transfer Centre and enforcement of practical direction of studying process, according to the needs of production and business.

    Subjects of sectional sessions

    • Problems of effective organizing of innovation creation and transfer process in higher institutions
    • Effectiveness of innovations’ integration into the industry sphere
    • The role of innovations in intensive development of agricultural sphere and their basic directions
    • Effective management of the process of innovations’ usage in service
    • Integration of innovative educational technologies in higher institutions

    For participation in seminar, European and Azerbaijan partners of UnIvEnt arrived. Total amount seminar participants was more than 100 people representing different higher institutions in republic, large industrial corporation, small business and enterprise, agricultural industry, non – government organizations.

    The materials of the seminar were published in a compilation journal in which 120 articles were included

    Seminar was held in two stages : plenary and sectional sessions

    During the plenary session reports by the vice governor of Fergana region Sh. H. Turdikulov, the rector of FSU professor M.H. Ahmedov, the rector of FPI, associate professor O.H. Otakulov, grand holder of the project, professor, doctor K.Haienessgen from the Leipzig University of Applied Science, Economy and Culture (Germany), local project coordinator, associate professor A. Yunusov, professors of Nahichevan State University (Azerbaijan) Agharzi Rustamov and Ali Jabbarov, professors of Alicante University (Spain) Aliciya Blaya and Nizar Ayadi, partners from Portugal (Paolo & Beatriz – Consultores Associados, Lda) Maria Beatriz Marques and Hugo Arnoldo Baptista.

    In his report, vice governor of Ferghana Region, Sh. H. Turdikulov clarified important tasks in the creation of innovation ideas, technologies and projects in Ferghana region.

    In the report of  FSU rector, professor M.H. Ahmedov marked tendencies of development of scientific research complex in Uzbekistan, described achievements of University scientists in the sphere of innovation research work and also revealed the significance of UnIvEnt for developing innovative potential for each country taking in this project


    The report of FPI rector, associate professor O.H. Otakulov informed about current results of UnIvEnt project realization and experience of corporate cooperation of institutions with industrial enterprises.

    The report developed by the contractor of the project, professor K.Haienessgen was dedicated to the subject “Uzbekistan. Azerbaijan and Europe – innovations in education, science and economics by the help of CTI”. He confirmed the actual role of the project, informed about conditions concerning this sphere in the universities of partners, and revealed possibilities for students, scientists and businessmen which can be used by the project

    The report of the local UnIvEnt coordinator, associate professor A. Yunusov called “ Evaluation of the role of universities in creation of national innovative system” approved actual role of innovation development. The main reason for it, was, according to the report of A. Yunusov is the possibility of creation of the base for production in industry, agriculture and service with rational usage of human recourses by the help of technological evolution and outbreak

    Moreover the reporter highlighted that meetings held between scientists and businessmen make a healthy atmosphere for creation innovative conditions in the region which is necessary condition for gradual development of national innovative system

    A partner from Portugal, Maria Beatrice Marques described special features of innovation management in Portugal industrial companies.

    Professor of Nahchevan State University, Ali Jabbarov made a special report about innovation modernization In socio – economic development adopted in Azerbaijan.

    Professor of Alicante University of Spain Aliciya Blaya informed the audience about an intellectual property protection and innovation transfer connected with it.

    In the section “Problems of effective organizing of the process of creation and transfer of innovations in higher institution” were conducted the speeches and reports developed and prepared by associate professor “S. Mirsalimova (FPI), associate professor E. Hakimov (FSU), H. Sattarova (FSU), A. Asrakulov (FSU), A. Oymatov (FSU), I. Porubay (FSU) and others.


    In the section “Integration of innovative educational aids in higher institutions” were conducted the reports by M. Rakhmatullayev, B. Ganiyeva, D. Madazidova (FSU), A. Anvarov (NSU), M.Uralova and others.

    В секции «Эффективность внедрения инноваций в сферу производства» были заслушаны доклады: С.Абдурахмонова (ФерПИ), к.х.н. М.Ахмадалиева (ФерГУ), ведущего специалиста Ё.Холибоева (Фергана-АЗОТ), доц. М.Набиева (ФерГУ), доц. Б.Каримова (ФерГУ), М.Умурзаковой  и др.


    In the section “The value of innovations in intensive development of agricultural sphere and its basic directions reports made by the project partner O. Salaydinov (Ferghana dept. of science research agricultural centre) Magistrate of FPI T. Surenin, Magistrate of FSU A. Oripov, B. Holmatov (FSU), N. Olimova (FSU) and others, were presented


    On the 11th of may, 2012 partners of UnIvEnt project made a visit to the Ferghana State University Innovation Centre In the limits of this visit, a meeting with the FPI rector O. Otakulov and the members of CTI took place. Guests acquainted with the recourses and equipment of the centre and thanked for warm acceptation.


    Scientists – explorers of FPI presented their developed examples of innovation. The members of CTI received warm gratitude from guests.

    During the second half of the day,the CTI held a session dedicated to the evaluation of achievements and further aims of the project.


    European and Azerbaijan partners made a high mark concerning conditions made in CTI of FSU and FPI. Also they marked effective usage of computer and informational equipment

    Also the result of the worldwide seminar was discussed. Correct sorting of material for a compilation publication was pointed during the discussion, this compilation made it possible to represent innovaton ideas in a wide range of branches existing in economics and education.

    Then the members of the session started a discussion referred to important and actual problems and questions of the project.


    Acquaintance with material and cultural – spiritual heritage of Uzbekistan hed been held on May, 10 in Ferghana, continued on May, 11 in Rishtan and on May 12 in Tashkent and Samarkand after the closing of the conference



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