Enhancement of role of universities in transfer of innovations into enterprise
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  • Getting acquainted by uzbek students with participation of european students in innovative activity of EU universities

    Posted on August 20th, 2012 Abdumalik Oripov No comments

    Group of 6 students from Ferghana State University, Ferghana Polytechnic Institute and Ferghana Branch of Tashkent University of Information Technologies – who are actively involved in implementation of UnIvEnt project objectives have participated in training-introduction visit to HTWK Leipzig, Germany as representatives of FYI- Kelajak Ovozi, the project partner Youth organization. The visit took place during July 5-12.

    The main objective of the visit was to get introduced to participation of students in innovative activity of EU universities. Meetings and discussions were organized during the visit with professors and students of HTWK.

    Students from Uzbekistan were particularly inspired by a meeting with Prof. Bion, who is a head of department for entrepreneurship and innovative ideas. Specially organized visits to construction, mechanic faculties and Media- Center of the university were interesting to visitors.

    Fruitful dialog has been started with the presentation of the video about Uzbekistan and its way of development, about activity of Ferghana Youth Initiative Center – Kelajak Ovozi in general and within the project frames. Presented video was highly appreciated by German partners, who, tried to fully present the essence of Higher Education in Germany to visitors, on importance of innovative activity for development of universities.

    Students gained experience and studied information on effective ways of organizing innovative activities in Universities and student involvement in these activities. The most valuable information for students was about organization of internship of students in enterprises.


    Students of Ferghana returned home with big inspirations, experience and they highlighted a high motivation in professional self-improvement, conception of new innovative ideas as most important outcomes of the visit. The students expressed confidence that new ideas that they have will be developed in a more efficient was and realized due to the knowledge and skills obtained in Germany.

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