Enhancement of role of universities in transfer of innovations into enterprise
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  • Study visit to Portugal

    Posted on December 28th, 2012 Abdumalik Oripov No comments

    Study visit of UnIvEnt project actors to Insituto de Superior Pacos de Brandao, Portugal has taken place on December 3-10, 2012. Academic and non-academic partners from Germany, Spain, Portugal, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan have taken part in this visit.

    In opinion of participants, the visit was very fruitful and variable from the other previous study meetings within project. The visit was linked to International Conference “University-Industry Partnership”, which was organized within the frames of TEMPUS project Master Program in Applied Biosciences (MAPB) by the Consulting Association Paulo&Beatriz-Consultores Assosiados, Lda (P&B) on December 5, 2012 года. P&B is an actor in both Tempus projects of UnIvEnt and МAPB, and cooperates with universities of Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Great Britain, Spain and Germany. In the reports and presentations, specific points of science and production cooperation in system of higher education of EU and Partner countries were described. Also, information on ways of science and production integration was shared, including the indexes in each specified county.

    Presentation on the contribution that is made by UnIvEnt project from the Uzbek side was made by Shamshod Yunusov – staff of CTI, organized within Tempus UnIvEnt project at Ferghana State University.

    Introduction part of the presentation was dedicated to general brief information on Uzbekistan. Short outlook of the UnIvEnt project (aims, objectives and partners) was highlighted together with the detailed information on outcomes achieved during the project period:

    • Preparation of office for CTI in all partner universities at Partner countries, which are involved in UnIvEnt project;
    • Installation of equipment and technical means, which is needed for project implementation;
    • Development and conducting of training courses for industries, entrepreneurs, farmers and young businessmen;
    • Development and start-up of the project web-site;
    • Collection of information for the bank of needed innovations for enterprises;
    • Creation and regular update of the data-base of innovations;
    • Conducting of international scientific- practical seminar “Activization of university activities in creation of innovative sphere in National economy” in May of 2012 at FSU;
    • Creation of Innovative groups;
    • Studying the experience of EU countries in sphere of innovation transfer;
    • Making links with similar Tempus Projects in Uzbekistan and studying, effective application of their experience;
      • Involving students to project implementation:

      • Involving students to activity of innovative groups;
      • Participation of the students in scientific-practical conferences;
      • Training in EU universities partnering within the project;
      • Participation in annual National Fair «Innovative ideas, technologies and projects».

    Local coordinator of UnIvEnt in Azerbaijan Prof. Anar Kazimov has presented about project realization at Nakhchivan State University (NSU) and gave brief information on Azerbaijan. In his presentation Prof. Kazimov gave detailed information about his University – Nakhchivan State University, and its international cooperations, on technical equipment of laboratories of NSU. Next part of presentation of Prof. A. Kazimov was dedicated to the activity of CTI which is organized at NSU within UnIvEnt. He explained in detail the data base of innovations: volume and classification on directions of researches, classification of problems (global and local problems, according which innovative groups function). Information on International Scientific-practical conference on topic “Application of innovations: Development and modernization”, was given. The conference has taken place at NSU on November 3-6, 2011. A scientific-practical seminar “Activization of university activities in creation of innovative sphere in National economy”, which was conducted in Ferghana state University on may 10, 2012, has also been reflected in the presentation.

    Next presentation on the activity of «UnIvEnt» project in Azerbaijan was made by Prof. Vugar Babayev (vice-rector of Azerbaijan State Agrarian University-ASAU). He presented about ASAU and he described facts on issues of scientific researches, which are undertaken in ASAU. In his presentation Prof. Vugar Babayev has made emphasis on the experience of having distance courses, which are implemented in their university, he told the audience about International links of the university, and about researches of the university, which are funded by various international programs. Activity of Ganja Agribusiness Association – nongovernmental organization, which is also a partner in UnIvEnt project implementation, was presented during the speech. As main activities of the Association training for farmers, as important direction on employment of graduated students and farmers.

    During the period of December 4-8 participants of UnIvEnt project have visited the Campus of Catholic University of Porto – College of Bioscience, where researches are carried out and specialists are prepared on directions as: construction, economics, biotechnology, organic chemistry, natural sciences and agro-nutrition technology, social sciences, laboratories, which study interference of bacterias, application of IT in chemical analysis, laboratory of nutrition.

    Staff of laboratory and departments made brief presentations on their innovative activity, and shared experience in improvement of effectivity of scientific researches, also they presented some data on created innovations by the staff of innovative groups and shared experience in effective management.

    A great effect for future activity of UnIvEnt project and its sustainability was made by visiting the Center of Transfer of Innovations of the Catholic University of Porto, which functions as a business incubator. Questions on the structure, staff and functions of the CTI of Catholic university was discussed with staff of UnIvEnt project. Discussions have clarified the representation of all Partners from Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan on organization of CTI activity in their countries. The questions on mechanism of selecting of innovative groups and enterprises for providing them with consulting services and a place for development in business incubator were also discussed during the meeting. The staff of incubator explained that they conduct a special analysis of needs (marketing of needs of population, enterprises, services) and results of these activities become as important base for selecting innovative groups and spin-off companies for business incubator. Participants of the incubator project have mentioned that a big role in activities are taken by volunteers, students and freelancers.

    Administration of CTI has conducted introduction visit to the business incubator, where participants from Germany, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan could see the work of spin-off companies in real life. Staff of these companies have informed on types of their activities, on their achievements (successful participation in tenders, competitions and fundings received from various programs and donors as enterprises).

    It is known that research activity is always under risk. To the question, on how the researches are guaranteed the visitors received a very interesting answer: the model applied uses a special formula of risk management – «all achievements and failures – are common», i.e. the risks are equally devided by the researchers and producers.

    Then administration of CTI have explained that interior of the rooms and premises are very important because they create a comfortable psychological environment, which is needed as oxygen for the creative person.

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