Enhancement of role of universities in transfer of innovations into enterprise
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  • On 10th May 2012 will hold international scientific-practical conference

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    Dear Colleagues, researchers and businessmen!

    We invite you to participate in an International Scientific Practical Seminar called “Activisation of the role of universities in the creation of innovation atmosphere in national economics” which will be held in the limits of Univent project called “Enforcement of the role of Universities in the process of innovation transfer into production” on May 10, 2012n in Fergana State University.

    Organizer Seminar

    Chairman of the Organizing Committee:
    A.Yunusov, Univent project coordinator of FSU, associate professor

    Members of organizing committee :
    Professor M. Ahmedov – rector of FSU doctor of biology

    Professor O. Otakulov – rector of Fergana Polytechnic University, associate professor

    K. Heinessgen – professor of Leipzig University of applied science, economics and culture, Germany, project grantholder

    Y. Holiboyev – the chief of PLC «Fargona AZOT» dept.


    Executive secretary of organizing committee

    A.Asrakulov -  executive of Univent project.


    Organizations who will take part in Seminar:

    Ministry of Higher and Secondary Education of Republic Of Uzbekistan

    National TEMPUS Office in Uzbekistan

    Ferghana Region

    Ferghana State University

    Ferghana Polytechnic University


    E-mail: alisher_yun@mail.ru , univent_conf_2012@mail.ru

    Phone.: +998 (91) 660-5958, +998 (73) 214-5089


    The Aim Of The Seminar


    The Development Of Recommendations and Suggestions referred to exact organizing of the process of innovation creations and its transfer into production and business


    Seminar Tasks

    - Research of needs of production process and businessman in innovations and development of recommendations and suggestions in this sphere.

    - Development of recommendations and innovations in creation of an effective model of the process of innovation transfer.

    - The next development stage of triangle “ Science – Education – Production” through organizing of Innovation Transfer Centre work  and enforcement of practical direction of study process according to the needs and requirements of business and production.


    Subjects of sectional sessions :

    1. Problems of effective organizing of innovation transfer process in higher institutions;
    2. Effective level of innovation integration in the sphere of production;
    3. The role of innovations in intensive development of agricultural sphere and their basic directions.

    4. Effective management of the process of innovations’ usage in service;
    5. Introduction of innovative educational technologies in higher institutions.


    Deadline  May 10 2012


    Seminar Schedule

    9:00 — 10:00 – registration of participants

    10:00 — 12:00 – opening and plenary session

    12:00 — 13:00 – break

    13:00 — 15:00 – parallel sectional sessions

    15:00 — 16:00 – Feedback and closing


    Articles are adopted from April 20 2012

    Volume – 2 pages max, format a4, margins on both sides of sheet – 2, 5 cm, font size – 12, Tiems New Roman, interval 1,5

    Articles are available in Uzbek, Russian and English. Annotation in 3 languages attached to the article is required.

    The title is placed in the centre, the name and surname, degree and work place and e-mail of an author is put through one line

    Graphs and diagrams are printed with the font size of 10 in Microsoft Excel (Office 2003, 2007, 2010)

    An article should contain description, the sphere of innovations, the level of effect

    Selection of articles is made by the team of editors according to requirements.

    Articles are received in digital form and should be sent to the following e- mail address – univent_conf_2012@mail.ru.

    The authors of articles included in the program must prepare a presentation Power Point (Office 2003, 2007, 2010).

    Articles are published free of charge. Travel costs are not paid


    Univent address

    Uzbekistan. Ferghana 150100, Мураббийлар, st. 19, Ferghana State University, administrative facility, 2nd Floor, rooms 18 – 20


    Phone Numbers

    +998-(91) 660-5958,

    +998-(90) 583-3098

    +998-(73) 279-2355

    +998-(73) 214-5089


    E-mail: univent_conf_2012@mail.ru


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