Enhancement of role of universities in transfer of innovations into enterprise
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    Aims of UnIvEnt

    • Strengthening of role of universities in transfer of innovations into enterprise and entrepreneurship;
    • Bringing of a “Science-education-production” triangle to a higher level through organization of activity Center of Transfer of Innovation (CTI);
    • Organization of the training process, considering the needs and requirements of enterprises and entrepreneurs.

    Project objectives

    • Establishment of CTIs at universities of partner countries;
    •  Creation of the project web-site;
    •  Creation of innovation data-base in the project web-site;
    •  Conducting trainings of entrepreneurs on finding and application of innovations in their businesses.

    Current project achievements

    • Rooms for CTIs are assigned and equipped with project equipment in all universities of partner countries;
    •  Training program for entrepreneurs are elaborated ;
    • Project partners’ (Germany, Spain, Portugal, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan) meeting was carried out in Leipzig (Leipzig universities of applied sciences), where directions of further activity was identified;
    • Participation of innovational projects of Ferghana State University (FSU) and Ferghana Polytechnic Institute (FPI) in republican innovation fair “Innovational ideas, technologies and projects”, in April 13-15, 2011 was financed by the UnIvEnt project;
    • Model of innovation transfer at University of Alicante (Spain) was learnt during May 17-30, 2011;
    •  Conference for Opening of CTI at Nakhchivan State University (Azerbaijan) was organized on November 3-7, 2011;
    • Creation and maintenance of the project web-site is in progress ;
    • Interest of the enterprises to innovations is being studied;
    • Opening of the CTIs at FSU and FPI was organized in December 22, 2011;
    • Field-monitoring of UnIvEnt project was implemented by National Tempus Office-Uzbekistan in December 22-23, 2011.